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We are dedicated to creating parent-friendly, informative, support materials so that YOU can guide your family in enjoying internet, technology and social media - responsibly. You are the hero in this story.

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Explore various themes that affect your family and learn how to support your children in their digital lives with strategies that you can put in place immediately. Understand why being online is so enticing and how to reduce harmful effects while boosting online opportunities.

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Choose a formula that works for your family and enjoy speaking or video-chatting with a digital parenting expert.  In just one session, understand what your children are doing online and take steps to help them continue online responsibly and safely.  Get empowered with your parenting.

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Join our free, private Facebook group and enjoy up-to-date support for parents and caregivers in the digital age. We have an awesome community of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cyber security experts, child psychologists, gaming addiction experts, school counsellors and more. 

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Grab this guide with 34 pages of must-have tips and resources to help your families immediately.


Digital Parenting Scenarios

Read real-life scenarios faced by families and strategies employed to thrive in the digital age.


More Free Downloadable Resources

A guide compiling resources, best-practices to aid digital families.


A short reference including YouTube safety center and reporting.


A few pages of the book to help you get a conversation going.


Understand the Minecraft madness and impress your children.


Digital Parenting Solutions and Updates

Internet, tech and social media are daily tools for our children.  Stay on top of the digital adventure, by getting updates on the trends, challenges and issues of parenting in the digital age as well as solutions to help you parent confidently in the digital age, to be a positive role model for your budding digital citizen and to gain some peace of mind - all delivered to your inbox.

"I was really inspired by Elizabeth's presentation 'Parenting in the Digital Age.' Her message really hit home! My friends and I decided to hire her for a 2-hour chock-full of info workshop at home. "

Robynne Pendaries
Mother of 2

"I am so grateful you spoke at our school last week! I feel so empowered to be a part of this journey, along with my four kids. Thank you for dedicating your life to protecting ours! "

ISP parent
Mother of 4

"Thank you so much for yet another amazingly informative session (on digital parenting). It can get a bit of a challenge sometimes to stay updated and on top of things, especially with children of varying ages. "

Marymount parent
Nan, mother of 3

"Merci pour votre intervention. Les parents sont tous partis avec le sourire, et ont insisté et nous disant que ce fut un échange très fructueux, qui leur permettait de remplacer leurs inquiétudes ou dépassement dans un contexte plus global etc. Excellents retours ! "

Lycée-Collège Balzac
Isabelle D. et Christine B.

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