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You're in the right place if . . .

You're the parent or caregiver of a child and you're feeling a tad bit overwhelmed by all this Internet, online games and apps stuff.

You know how to get online for YOUR stuff, but you're stumped when it comes to monitoring what junior is doing online.

You have a 2-year-old who is the Swiping Queen on a tablet or smartphone. I’ve got tips for that.

You have an 8-year-old who thinks he’s going to become a YouTube star playing Minecraft for hours on end. Uh huh, got you covered.

Or you have a 14-year-old who is doing some weird stuff on Snapchat. Yep, you are in the right place.

Digital Mom 

As the mother of two tech savvy little ones, I understand parents' frustration and quest for answers and my goal is to provide those answers that will allow our children to reap the benefits of the digital age with balance and boundaries.

Everything about digital parenting fascinates me: the evolution of Internet, the speed at which digital natives embrace technology, the interaction on social media sites, the increasing number of wifi enabled toys, the trending apps and challenges and the laws and policies attempting to regulate the disorder.

Digital Parenting Community Host 

As the host of this private group on Facebook, I have the pleasure of helping parents and caregivers  connect, share, ask questions, dig deeper, solve problems, test out ideas, share victories, and forge lasting connections with others who are parenting in the digital age. 

I intervene on a daily basis to make sure that parents are getting answers. I also prompt some of our community experts (child psychologists, cyber security specialists, child protection experts and more) so that they can add to the discussion.

Digital Parenting Champions Host

In this private membership group, we take "community" to the next level.  As your host and dedicated support partner, I put every tool in my digital parenting arsenal at your disposal so that you can truly "own" it.  

My job, my passion and my personal mission is to curate every darn thing that I can find to provide help, reassurance and guidance for parents in the digital age.

To all those parents - please know that you are not alone and that you really can "get this." 

Digital Parenting Consultant

As a consultant, I provide support to governments, companies, schools, and parenting associations on digital parenting, children and internet law, and internet, tech and social media related subjects.

Current projects include: member of the Council of Europe Working Group on Digital Citizenship Education;  independent expert on Digital Parenting for the Children's Rights and Internet Division; eSafety content provider for South West Grid for Learning; "Ask the Expert" member for Internet Matters; and guest blogger for the Family Online Safety Institute.


Digital Parenting Coach

A coach for parents in the digital age? There's a diploma for that? Well, not exactly.  When I say coach, I mean SUPPORT, EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE, CREATE AWARENESS, INFORM, SHARE BEST PRACTICES and hold your hand when the going gets tough.

I have spoken to hundreds of parents about Internet safety, digital citizenship and parenting in the digital age and I make sure to share the best practices and lessons learned.


Sounds good. Show me more.

Have an idea about digital parenting?

If you have a project about children and the internet or an idea about parenting in the digital age, please reach out to me below via Facebook Messenger or send me an email at elizabeth@digitalparentingcoach.com.

I would be absolutely thrilled to hear more about your ideas or projects.

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Horray, it's time for some juicy facts about yours truly.

I am 6-foot 1, wear a size 12 shoe and I am ALWAYS tickled pink to wear high heels when I toodle about town with my 6-foot 8 husband.  Gulliver's Travels anyone?

I watched way too much TV in the 70’s (Gilligan’s Island, I Dream of Jeannie, Gumby, Underdog, Zoom, Bionic Woman and more) and I turned out relatively ok.

I love Star Trek Next Generation and think Jean-Luc Picard and Data are the coolest, but I would have given anything to play a Klingon girlfriend to Lieutenant Worf. I equally love Star Trek Voyager and think that Captain Janeway kicks serious bootay.

Star Trek vs. Star Wars? I love them both and let's throw in Battlestar Galatica to the mix.  The old-school version with Dirk Benedict and Bonaza dad, Lorne Greene or the new-school version with all of the international relations implications.

I am THAT annoying person who buys anything Apple creates.

I would love to have Olivia Pope’s wardrobe, bags, one-liners and dinner options (wine and popcorn), but with my own morals and values.

I get a real buzz speaking in front of audiences, but I much prefer to hang-out just one on one, so I can really focus on the person in front of me.

I'm fluent in English (duh); I speak perfect French with a supposedly "charming" American accent. I can make polite conversation in Spanish, but if you want me to pull out the big guns and speak Russian, then we must have copious amounts of wine first.

I believe I was a superhero in a past life because Marvel movies resonate for me – every time.  Okay, maybe that's just Chris Hemsworth.


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