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Digital Mom, Consultant and Coach 

Elizabeth Milovidov is an international speaker on Internet safety issues, leads parental workshops, writes on digital parenting, and coaches parents on best practices in the digital age. She is a consultant for the Council of Europe, UNICEF and e-Enfance, as well as a contributor to Internet Matters, UK Safer Internet Centre, Family Online Safety institute, and many other key actors in online child protection.  She has several publications on parenting in the digital age available on Amazon and she co-wrote several publications for the Council of Europe, including the Internet Literacy Handbook and the Digital Citizenship Education Handbook. 

A graduate of UCLA and UC Davis, she practiced as a litigator in California for four years before moving to France to work as General Counsel in two Internet Technology companies. She earned a Ph.D. in International Relations and Diplomacy and is an Assistant Professor at AGS and a lecturer at several universities in France and Geneva. 

Our Virtual Team

Executive Virtual Assistant

Cheney Rulloda, has been the Executive Virtual Assistant for Digital Parenting Coach and Consulting since 2018.  Formerly a registered nurse, Cheney brought her medical professional background as well as extensive maternal experience to the team.  As a mother of 5, Cheney has her eye on issues that affect boys and girls, as well as special needs children.  Her insights into this often forgotten community is invaluable. 

Cheney handles all administrative support for Digital Parenting Consulting and regularly assists Elizabeth in the production of powerpoint speechs, audience surveys, and research.  Cheney is also responsible for the creation and scheduling of social media items on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  Occasionally, Cheney creates short marketing videos, also for social media.  She is truly the person responsible for all the magic on the back-end of Digital Parenting Coach, Consulting and the Shop.


Book Designer and Print-Visionary

Julie Karen Hodgins is the book designer for all the print and eBooks in our Library. A consummate professional, she runs her freelance business from Germany and reaches out to English-speaking clients, communicators and writers around the world. Every cover and design has the "Julie touch" and our digital families are thrilled with the results.

As a paper and book lover since she was a toddler, as well as a budding designer in middle school, book design was an obvious career choice. She spent two years as an intern with a non-profit publisher, followed by formal Graphic Communications studies. She added to this experience with a five year stint with a commercial book printer in design, marketing and prepress before starting her own book design business.


Have an idea about digital parenting?

If you have a project about children and the internet or an idea about parenting in the digital age, please reach out to me below via Facebook Messenger or send me an email at [email protected]

I would be absolutely thrilled to hear more about your ideas or projects.

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I am 6-foot 1, wear a size 12 shoe and I am ALWAYS tickled pink to wear high heels when I toodle about town with my 6-foot 8 husband.  Gulliver's Travels anyone?

I watched way too much TV in the 70’s (Gilligan’s Island, I Dream of Jeannie, Gumby, Underdog, Zoom, Bionic Woman, Facts of Life, Diff'rent Strokes and more) and I turned out relatively ok.

I love Star Trek Next Generation and think Jean-Luc Picard and Data are the coolest, but I would have given anything to play a Klingon girlfriend to Lieutenant Worf. I equally love Star Trek Voyager and think that Captain Janeway kicks serious bootay.

Star Trek vs. Star Wars? I love them both and let's throw in Battlestar Galatica to the mix.  The old-school version with Dirk Benedict and Bonanza dad, Lorne Greene or the new-school version with all of the international relations implications.

I am THAT annoying person who buys anything Apple creates.

I would love to have Olivia Pope’s wardrobe, bags, one-liners and dinner options (wine and popcorn), but with my own morals and values.

I get a real buzz speaking in front of audiences, but I much prefer to hang-out just one on one, so I can really focus on the person in front of me.

I'm fluent in English (duh); I speak perfect French with a supposedly "charming" American accent. I can make polite conversation in Spanish, but if you want me to pull out the big guns and speak Russian, then we must have copious amounts of wine first.

I believe I was a superhero in a past life because Marvel movies resonate for me – every time.  Okay, maybe that's just Chris Hemsworth.


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