OLD PROVERB: It takes a village to raise a child.

NEW PROVERB: It takes a digital parenting community to raise a digital citizen.



The Digital Parenting Community

OLD PROVERB: It takes a village to raise a child.
NEW PROVERB: It takes a digital parenting community to raise a digital citizen.

The Digital Parenting Community is a FREE private Facebook group where you receive curated content just for you.  No need to wonder what are the legal consequences of under 13s on social media, or what are the latest online trends making teens go wild. You will see the latest on a daily basis - the good and not so great things that affect our children in the digital age.

The community is led by lawyer, mom and eSafety expert, Elizabeth Milovidov, and the community members are parents and caregivers just like you: parents who may not have all the answers, but who understand that awareness is the key. The more we are aware of issues in the digital age, the earlier we can react, protect our children and benefit from the fabulous technology that is out there. 

Parents and caregivers post questions daily for discussion and also receive regular curated content on the latest research and news in digital parenting, including instructional videos prepared just for the Community.

The free resources provided below were created for the Community based on the comments, needs and challenges raised in the Facebook group.  The Two-Minute tutorials are also a free resource created for parents and caregivers (available on YouTube and the Digital Parenting Coach Facebook page, however you will find EXCLUSIVE follow-up video tutorials in the Community.

And did we mention that the Digital Parenting Community is FREE?


Screen Balance Resources

Two recommended resources to help you and your family achieve screen balance.


Internet Safety Resources

A listing of organizations and associations that are championing children's online rights.


Family Media Agreements

Resources to help you craft the perfect agreement for your family.


Digital Parenting Book Recommendations

The top recommended books for parents in order to boost their digital parenting game.


Specialist Recommendations and Resources

Stepping away from the screen is easier with specialist assistance.


Parental Controls Resources and Reviews

What parental control software or app is right for your family?


Two Minute Tutorials

Watch this sample video designed to inform and empower parents in the digital age. You will find more tutorials on the Digital Parenting Channel on YouTube and follow-up tutorials within the Community.

Come on, don't you have two minutes to get the latest scoop?

Want support as you tackle parenting in the digital age?

Our ultimate community goal is to provide up-to-date support for parents in the digital age. We have an awesome community of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cyber security experts, child psychologists, school counsellors and more.

I answer questions on a daily basis and use every tool I have in my arsenal to empower our Digital Parenting Community. I also encourage parents to share their wisdom too.

This is a safe space for us to help each other.


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