Digital Parenting Champions

We are parents and caregivers just like you - we think that internet, technology and social media can create opportunities for our children, provided there is balance and boundaries. 
When you join this private group, you will receive ongoing and dedicated support as you parent in the digital age to maintain that balance and enjoy the opportunities that the digital environment can provide.

Digital Parenting Goody Bag

Each month, you will receive workbooks, checklists and printables to keep you informed on the latest in digital parenting.  And you will be able to participate in challenges to make sure that you up your game in internet, technology and social media trends.

Digital Parents Unplugged

Each month, Elizabeth will hold a live Q&A session where you can grab a cup of coffee together and you can ask her anything about parenting in the digital age.  The session will be held in 2 different time zones so that you will have a maximum chance to participate.

Digital Parenting Intensives

Each month, you will be able to “speak” with an expert online during an hour-long session where Elizabeth will interview professionals in fields, such as psychology, paediatrics, education and cybersecurity, to name a few.  You will discuss key issues and concerns followed by strategies to handle them. 

Parenting in the Digital Age Forum 

In this private Facebook group, you will be able to connect with like-minded parents and caregivers. You can ask each other questions, share your advice and get support and accountability to help you guide your children. Whether you are the parent of a newborn or a teen, the forum is there to support you as you parent in the digital age.

Digital Parents' Resource Library

You will get access to all of the video recordings, replays, digital downloads, checklists and other goodies created for the Digital Parenting Champions.  Online courses, summaries and other digital parenting resources will also be shared exclusively in this membership community.

Digital Parenting Champions

Digital Parenting Champions is a membership community for parents and caregivers who want to guide their children in the digital age.  Parenting today can be frustrating and challenging as parents struggle to stay current of the trends and best practices in our fast-paced, innovative and tech-driven world. This membership community was created so that parents can strengthen their digital parenting skills and have support and inspiration to parent their children in the digital environment. 

Each month you will receive exclusive content to stay informed on what's happening in our children's online world and how this may affect them. Some of the topics will include:

·       Screen balance and boundaries

·       How to create family media agreements that work

·       How to speak to your children about the tough issues like sextortion and sexting

·       Ideas and strategies for increasing offline activities

·       How to create a digital parenting game plan and stay on track

·       + much more.



The Parent's Guide to Parenting in the Digital Age 

Check out this cool little book sample to give you an idea of the tips and resources that will be waiting for you in the Champions Library. 

If you like what you are reading, you can A) head over to Amazon and grab a copy, enjoy the read and leave a fab review, B) sign-up for the Champions waitlist so that when the doors open you will be first in the door and first in the library for a free download or C) all of the above because who doesn't want to support the Digital Parenting Coach?



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